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THE best passive income business opportunity is HERE

Online franchise 
Well-established  in 30+ countries 
Launched in DUBAI & UAE 
January 2017

Warning: You cannot fail with this business, you can only give up. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!
  • Juice Plus offers more than just a proven business model, a generous bonus scheme and world-class support...
  • Get a business-in-a-box online franchise for $50, £50, €50, 365 AED and full training
  • Join our team TODAY and get access to your online 12-week boot camp: Healthy Wealthy Warriors Secrets to Success, yours FREE TODAY (usually $299) to grow your business very quickly and gain access to all the automation tools you need to truly earn a passive income.
  • No need to purchase stock for resale because JUICE PLUS TAKES CARE OF ALL THE DISTRIBUTION AND SHIPPING to your customers.
  • NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY as we  provide you with extensive product and business training.
  • You will be given YOUR OWN ONLINE CUSTOMER RELATIONS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM from where you can place orders, manage your team and even get all the marketing material, business planning tools and  links to useful websites that you need to get up-and-running right away
  • You can depend upon WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SUPPORT and the full back-up of experienced health and nutrition experts in your Healthy Wealthy Warriors team (
  • We support your independent business with national and local events in all of the 30+ countries where we operate, allowing you to grow an international network of customers and distributors that you can run from anywhere in the world with internet access.
  • If you choose to grow your team, they, too, can have access to the 12-week boot camp, ensuring that they are trained up in a timely manner to benefit their business and yours as quickly as possible.
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The Business Opportunity

  • Earn an unlimited income with an organization that has no 'glass ceiling'.  In this business you can earn whatever you dream of if you put the effort in!  Passive income does not mean passive effort, but with Juice Plus+ your efforts are very well rewarded indeed!
  • Extremely low start-up cost of 365 AED ($50 in the USA, £50 in the UK, €50 in the Eurozone) with no hidden extras.
  • We are looking for people who want to lead by example and inspire others by sharing their experiences on Juice Plus and say how it has helped them.  (We are not looking for traditional sales people as the research and the product are good enough without any 'hard sell' being necessary.)
  • Get a business-in-a-box that allows you to start earning from Day 1.
  • Get the Healthy Wealthy Warriors 12-Week Secrets to Success Boot Camp showing you step-by-step what you need to do each day to become successful.  You will then be able to pass this on to your team members so they can copy your success and you can earn commission from their sales as compensation for taking the time to teach them.
  • Attend events in person and online to help you feel part of the team and to get to know the business and your colleagues.  Many lifelong friendships are formed in this business and you really do get out of  it what you put in.
  • Run your own global business from anywhere in the world that has internet access and enjoy tax-free earnings if you register with a UAE address.

The Product

Encapsulated fruit, vegetables and berries, dehydrated at source to retain 98% of the phytonutrients. There are over 30 pieces of independent research that demonstrate the amazing health properties of Juice Plus, including:

  • Reduced inflammation in the gut which helps avoid serious disease and helps you get the most benefit from your food whilst establishing an ideal weight.  
  • Increased levels of anti-oxidants in the body that protect it from the main causes of disease by strengthening the immune system, 
  • improved micro-circulation to the skin to give a glowing, healthy complexion
  • Better gum health and faster healing from dental work.

The Juice Plus company is totally committed to children's health, so for every adult who purchases the supplements, one child can receive their capsules free of charge, in return for completing an online health questionnaire every 4 months.  Ask about the Child Health Study!

How you earn your passive income from Day 1

Franchising:  A Juice Plus+ virtual franchise gives you the selling power of an established product, proven training systems and the business support that you would expect from a traditional franchise business.

Direct Sales: Sell the Juice Plus directly to your customers or patients in clinic and obtain 14-20% commission depending upon your level within the company.

Network Marketing: set up other distributors and obtain commission from their sales as compensation for taking the time to train them up.  As they gain in experience and need you less, they will keep more of their own commission, but you will begin to earn generous bonuses and overall commission from their team.

Corporate Benefits: As you work your way up, you will gain more benefits such as life issuance contributions.

Why build your business in Dubai (even if you do not live there)?

  • The UAE is tax-free so you keep whatever you earn if your business is based there.
  • There are 100,000 new residents coming to the UAE each year so you have a renewable customer-base that you do not lose when they move on within one of the 30+ countries where Juice Plus is available.  Many may want to sign up to the business then run it from another country, which is great business growth for you!
  • There are 6 million social media accounts in the UAE so growing your business online is highly achievable in a short space of time. 
  • Health concerns are increasing with obesity, particularly in children, reaching proportions never seen before in the UAE.   Over 1 million cases of the avoidable condition Type II Diabetes were reported in the UAE in 2015 (Gulf Business November 19 2016). Independent research into Juice Plus capsules shows how the insulin resistance in overweight boys improved after just six months of supplementation.  


This business has a proven track record in 30+ countries and the business model just needs to be replicated, so you cannot go wrong.  In fact, you cannot fail with this business, you can only give up.

Once you have signed up to the business, we will help you to recruit and train local people in Dubai and any of the other 30+ countries in which we operate across America, Europe and Australia.

Franchise Partner Registration requires that you have the following information to hand if you are UAE Resident.  Residents from other countries will need slightly different documentation, depending upon local laws.

UAE or GCC ID card, 

UAE address

UAE bank account 

Annual registration fee: 365 AED

Sole Trader turned International Business Owner, now with a lucrative passive income stream. This is her story...
Simone Davis  - Healthy Wealthy Warriors
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Local and National Events

You will be fully supported by team events and online zoom calls to get yourself and your team trained up to a high level.

Virtual Office

You will be given your own Customer Management System for placing orders, taking payments, tracking your income and managing your team.

Mutimedia resources

No need to pitch to customers or new recruits, let the countless videos of experienced customers and distributors do it for you, until you reach a level where you have your own story to share!
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